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McCall’s M7084

When I first moved back to Kent, I decided to enrol in another sewing course.  The course worked really well with work as it was on Wednesday evenings for two hours over a ten week period.  Our course tutor asked us all to bring in a pattern to work on.  As I was the only one out of our group that had a little dressmaking experience I decided to challenge myself.  Enter the McCall’s M7084…..

I decided to make style D. The fullness of the skirt and the collar really appealed to me.

Front of pattern packet

The pattern had a number of different techniques which I had not yet tried out. These were:

  1. Buttons on an actual garment (I had sewn practice ones on a scrap piece of material)
  2. Collar and front bands
  3. Princess seams

Based on my measurements I cut out the size 16 and I feel like I could have cut a smaller size at the hips. I ended up taking the seam in at the hips by about 1.5 inches.  The pattern had a whopping 23 pieces I needed to cut out! That took up the majority of the time and the actual sewing was quite quick and enjoyable.



The material I used was a navy swallows cotton poplin from Higgs & Higgs which you can still buy here. The material feels absolutely lovely and was a pleasure to work with.

As you can see on the pattern packet, style D was meant to have cuffed sleeves. After making up the bodice and skirt, I decided I didn’t want to add in any more fulness, so I decided to use style B’s sleeves.

I am still not 100% sure on the sleeves, I feel they are now a little too baggy and vintage looking for my personal style. What do you think?

close up of the collar and front
picture 2
Back of the dress

Although I am not too sure on the sleeves, I absolutely love the fullness of the skirt. It feels so nice to wear! Just look at how many godets there are!

picture 3
Front view showing fullness of the skirt

I decided not to line the bodice of the dress, and as the material does not fray I finished the seams off with pinking shears.  I did however line the skirt as I can then wear the dress without tights.  I am always worried that the material is slightly see through so I tend to line the bottom of dresses. The lining I used was a gorgeous silky lining fabric brought from a small fabric store in Hythe.  It feels so luxurious and I love how it has a slight polka dot pattern!


The only challenge I really faced was cutting through the one of the button holes! I spent the end of sewing class chatting away to the other sewists whilst I was cutting the button holes and I was clearly not paying attention! You cannot really notice it from a distance which is good!

My poor button-hole! I tried to patch it up with a zig zag stitch

What I think overall

Overall I am pretty pleased with how the dress came out.  Next time I would quite like to make style A, with a much less fuller skirt.  Maybe next summer!

Have you made this style before? Let me know what you think in the comments!

3 thoughts on “McCall’s M7084

  1. I spotted your dress on Patternreview so dropped in to see more pictures. I really like your dress. Anything with 23 pieces is some achievement. I was only looking at this fabric for a shirt-dress the other day so it’s great to see it made up and looking so good. I’ve just made a blouse in the white with navy birds colour-way and as you say it sews really nicely. Well done Kat.


      1. That’s very kind of you but I don’t have a blog or use any social media. It was made using a vintage pattern Simplicity 4238 and I used only 3 navy buttons to close it between the bust and waist line.


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