Thoughts at Christmas

I am sure you can agree, life for many of us has been very hectic! My sister had a beautiful baby in October and work  has been super super busy. Luckily I have still managed to get some sewing in – which I will be blogging about soon!

My beautiful niece/ elf at christmas!

Over the Christmas break my dear old nan passed away (my mothers mum). She had battled with dementia for a number of years and was in a nursing home for the last two years of her life. Although we were kind of expecting it, it doesn’t make it any easier. She was a wonderful woman who has influenced my life in many ways, and will continue to inspire me in years to come.

My darling nan at her Christmas party last year.

As a result of this family heartache, I havent really felt the need to socialise with friends. Instead, I have wanted to be close to my mum. My mum lost her dad in the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster in 1987 and I could only begin to imagine how painful it must be to lose your father at such a young age, and in such devastating circumstances.

My thoughts over this Christmas period have been extremely reflective. I feel grateful for having my family so close to me and ever so grateful for experiencing new life in our family. Sewing has at times taken a back burner, which in all honesty I do not feel guilty about.

I have however reflected slightly on my sewing journey. I feel that I am making too many “safe” choices when it comes to my sewing projects. I am hoping to challenge myself in 2018 and embark on a journey which will not only test my ability, but teach me new techniques, whilst creating a capsule wardrobe.

Watch this space for my  Me Made 2018 choices!

In Loving memory of my dear Nan.

Katherine x