Thoughts at Christmas

I am sure you can agree, life for many of us has been very hectic! My sister had a beautiful baby in October and work  has been super super busy. Luckily I have still managed to get some sewing in – which I will be blogging about soon!

My beautiful niece/ elf at christmas!

Over the Christmas break my dear old nan passed away (my mothers mum). She had battled with dementia for a number of years and was in a nursing home for the last two years of her life. Although we were kind of expecting it, it doesn’t make it any easier. She was a wonderful woman who has influenced my life in many ways, and will continue to inspire me in years to come.

My darling nan at her Christmas party last year.

As a result of this family heartache, I havent really felt the need to socialise with friends. Instead, I have wanted to be close to my mum. My mum lost her dad in the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster in 1987 and I could only begin to imagine how painful it must be to lose your father at such a young age, and in such devastating circumstances.

My thoughts over this Christmas period have been extremely reflective. I feel grateful for having my family so close to me and ever so grateful for experiencing new life in our family. Sewing has at times taken a back burner, which in all honesty I do not feel guilty about.

I have however reflected slightly on my sewing journey. I feel that I am making too many “safe” choices when it comes to my sewing projects. I am hoping to challenge myself in 2018 and embark on a journey which will not only test my ability, but teach me new techniques, whilst creating a capsule wardrobe.

Watch this space for my  Me Made 2018 choices!

In Loving memory of my dear Nan.

Katherine x

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The Afternoon Blouse and Shift Dress

Good Evening!

School is still being quite hectic and I am struggling to get much sewing done in my spare time. I would like to dedicate one full day of sewing this weekend, however I have open day at my school so I doubt that will happen!

During the summer holidays  I stumbled across a post from Simple Sewing Magazine on Facebook. The post was from the pattern company Jennifer Lauren Handmade and that they were looking for pattern testers.  I jumped at the chance and quickly signed myself up. whilst I wasnt succesful to be picked as the first pattern tester, I was picked to test the Afternoon Blouse and Shift Dress, which you can find here. There is no ignoring the fact that Jennifer Lauren Handmade has produced some absolutely gorgeous patterns, I particularly like the look of the Laneway Dress. However, I can’t say I was a huge fan of the Afternoon Blouse and Shift Dress, at first I thought it might look a little dull and plain-looking, which isn’t my style at all. 


Although the pattern sketches are gorgeous, I wasnt a fan of the simplicity of the dress.

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The Annabelle Dress

I have used the Annabelle dress pattern a number of times already, with both times using a viscose fabric and I loved how flowy it was. It is a perfect pattern for casual and work wear and I was just itching to make another for the warmer weather!


Annabelle Dress in viscose

As I have already made the pattern in a viscose fabric, I thought I would try another version in a different fabric. According to the pattern the suggested fabrics are: cotton lawn; linen; viscose; crepe de chine and satin. I wanted to use fabric that was already in my stash (I am trying to not buy fabric for a while!), so therefore I was limited to my choices. Luckily I had some gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn. I only had 2 metres of fabric (53 inches wide), and the pattern requirements call for at least 2.7 metres of fabric for the size 14. Cue some interesting cutting out!

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McCall’s M7084

When I first moved back to Kent, I decided to enrol in another sewing course.  The course worked really well with work as it was on Wednesday evenings for two hours over a ten week period.  Our course tutor asked us all to bring in a pattern to work on.  As I was the only one out of our group that had a little dressmaking experience I decided to challenge myself.  Enter the McCall’s M7084…..

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Starting this blog has been on my to do list for quite some time!  As I had been sewing on and off for a year, my New Years resolution in 2017 was to make all of my own clothes and not buy a single item!  I quickly failed that and only then did I realise how silly I was to make such a commitment.  It did however make me appreciate how much I enjoy sewing.  Since January my sewing skills have grown rapidly and it is here I hope to share my sewing journey with you!